Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's 2009! Time To Save In More Than One Way! See the Promotion At The End!

It's a new year and what better way to begin the new year, that to preserve last year! Every year we create memories with our Loved ones, Children, Parents, Friends, and more. Creating these memories, having the experience, is just the beginning! By preserving your memories with scrapbooks, you can relive these memories and experiences indefinitely, as well as pass on these special experiences and special people to future generations.

My children are 9 and 6. Currently they have 2 Great Grandmothers, 1 Great Grandpa, 3 sets of Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. They are surrounded by people who love them, and they have had more experiences with their (what in my school days we would call ancestors) Great Grandparents, that most. I scrapbook these experiences because they are special. It is special to have a relationship with 4 living generations. There is so much to learn from this.

As a child growing up, I had one set of grandparents. I had a Great Grandmother, who lived in Texas but I scarcely remember her. I wish so much, that I would have those memories back. I have tried to have my grandmother look through pictures, but 80 years is a long time to ask someone to remember. She is completely cognizant, like you or I but the stories fade as our memories do. And as the stories fade, our heritage fades.

We can keep and celebrate our heritage, by simply scrapbooking those photos. Time is valuable, and often we feel we just don't have any. I can help you do this, by allowing Memory Keeper Professional Scrapbooking to complete your albums for you, you will be preserving the memories and the heritage we all hold so dear, for our own children and grandchildren.

Order your album before February 14, and save 15% off any package, and FREE Archival Misting on up to 5 items (use on papers and memorabilia you want in the album?

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